GlutenTox® Products

Emport LLC  distributes Biomedal’s GlutenTox® line of gluten testing products, specially designed for manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and commercial kitchen facilities both large and small. Unsure whether or not your business or healthcare practice could benefit from GlutenTox? Read more here.

GlutenTox Pro: Professional gluten test kits

GlutenTox Pro (RS-4688p) is a fast and user-friendly test kit used to detect the presence of gluten in foods and liquids and even on surfaces: no lab equipment or scientific knowledge required. It’s a must-have for any manufacturer or commercial kitchen that wants to ensure gluten-free products for customers.

GlutenTox Sticks: Professional gluten testing kit

GlutenTox Sticks (RS-4688) are immunochromatographic test sticks for quick detection of the toxic fraction of gluten found in foods, beverages and on surfaces. The GlutenTox Sticks kit requires some lab equipment, allowing for finely-tuned testing at any volume and any gluten threshold.

Plus, GlutenTox Sticks can provide a precise, quantitative PPM measurement in seconds with the GlutenTox Reader!